What is filter coffee decoction and where to buy it in India?

When it comes to hot beverages all around the world, it comes down to two popular choices: tea or coffee. In India, these two play a very important role and go beyond just being cups of comfort - these double as alarm clocks for many, who cannot start their day without the warm hug of caffeine in a cup. While the ongoing debate on tea and coffee continues, let’s talk about the best kind of coffee there is - The Filter Coffee.

The quintessential choice of coffee in South India, the filter coffee or locally called filter kaapi, is treated like the pride of the food culture and it is even considered an art to be able to craft the perfect cup of South-Indian filter coffee. Compared to the instant coffee powders available in the market, the preparation of filter coffee follows the drip mechanism to collect authentic filter coffee decoction, which is then later combined with milk or water and sugar, as per taste.

A classic Indian coffee filter is used to extract the decoction for South Indian filter coffee. Most homes in South India have their own filters to freshly brew their coffee decoction. The filter itself is not a complex mechanism. It comes with two compartments, a stopper and a lid to contain the whole assemblement. The ground coffee powder is first compacted and forced into the upper compartment of the filter with a perforated bottom, followed by the stopper over the powder. The squeezed coffee powder is then gently poured on with piping hot water on top. The hot water percolates through the power and results in the coffee decoction being collected in the bottom compartment.

While this method of making the perfect filter coffee is time consuming for every time you want to have a warm cup of coffee, iD Fresh Food brings you fresh and authentic filter coffee decoction liquids for instant consumption. Made with a mix of the choicest Arabica and Robusta coffee beans, which are carefully handpicked from the verdant Western Ghats, the coffee is freshly roasted and ground and the liquids are then carefully extracted and drip-brewed like experts to bring you three different blends of divine filter coffee in Bold, Strong and Intense flavours.

Bold Flavour:

The traditional South-Indian balance of 80% Coffee to 20% Chicory, the iD instant filter coffee liquid in Bold is a great way to start your day. Every sip leaves behind a smooth yet robust taste, with a lingering scent that acts as fuel or even a mid-day refuel. Available in 2 sizes, you can purchase this coffee in either 150ml packs or travel-friendly sachets of 20ml. All you need to do is pour hot milk or water and add sugar according to your taste, to have your perfect filter coffee anywhere, instantly!

Strong Flavour:

If you like your coffee a little more strong, then iD’s instant filter coffee liquid in Strong is your best bet. Balanced out with 70% Coffee and 30% Chicory, this blend gives you something to look forward to with every sip. Also available in 2 sizes, you can purchase your favourite filter coffee in either 150ml packs or travel-friendly sachets of 10ml. Add the decoction in a mug, pour hot milk and sugar back and forth to make a cup of frothy, delectable filter coffee in under 2 minutes! You can also thin the decoction out with hot water and enjoy a cup of delightful black coffee.

Intense Flavour:

The choice of coffee connoisseurs, this blend of iD’s instant filter coffee liquid is made with nothing but 100% coffee and no chicory. The outstanding flavour and finish of the blend is a result of the authentic recipe using a mix of fine Arabica and Robusta coffee beans. Available in sachets of 20ml, the coffee is measured out to deliver aromatic, flavourful and intense experience. Pour hot milk or water, as per your preference and add sugar as per your taste, and you have restaurant-style authentic filtered coffee, instantly and conveniently!

iD Fresh products are 100% natural and proudly made in India. They contain no artificial flavouring, colours, chemicals or preservatives. Pick and indulge in authentic South-Indian Filter Coffee from 3 magical blends, made exactly the way you like it! Click this link to order now - https://shop.idfreshfood.com/.